24 Karat Edible Gold Leaf by Slofoodgroup (25 Sheets Gold Leaf per book) Gold Leaf sheet size 3.15in x 3.15in Loose Leaf Sheets


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Product Description

What makes gold leaf edible?

24 karats edible gold leaf.  Everyone enjoys the universal appeal of gold and the gold color. From wedding bands, ornaments, or ancient structures gold has been a timeless metal that has been coveted by civilizations the world over. Most recently gold is said to have built the original founding of San Francisco and the surrounding California areas.  

  About gold leaf:  gold leaf is pure gold pounded rice paper thin and layer between tissue paper in booklets of 25 pages each.  Each sheet of gold leaf is 3.15 in. by 3.15 in.  Pure gold unlike imitation of lower form is completely safe and edible due to gold being a biologically inert product.  The chemical symbol for gold is Au and atomic number of 79. 24k Gold melts at 1063°C or 1945°F.

Why trust Slofoodgroup brand gold leaf?

Certified Purity

Looking for a reliable supplier of gold leaf gold or other metal leaf supples?  Our gold  and other metal leafs are verified and documented by ISO and  IAS certificated testing and technicians.  Buy gold leaf with confidence and know you are getting pure edible gold leaf. Other common names used in reference to gold leaf are

Pure Gold
Edible Gold Leaf
Natural Gold
Genuine Gold Leaves
Gold Sheets
Gold Leaf Sheets
Edible Gold

Pure Gold leaf has been used in art, architecture, and culinary applications for centuries. Each book of Gold Leaf contains 25 sheets of 8cm by 8cm gold sheets or pages pounded microns thin. These gold sheets are less than paper thin and are highly delicate and require an artist touch to truly master. Our gold leaf comes encased in heat sealed envelopes to prevent moisture and damage and is delivered right to your door or place of business. Slofoodgroup brand food-grade edible gold leaf is manufactured to the standard European size of 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches) we l love it on fruit tarts, bon bons, and even on your grandfather’s favorite cheesecake. 



Set the standard, the gold standard.

Edible Gold Tip…do not lose your breath
Do not breath too heavy or directly on the metal leaf, you will literally watch your silver leaf float away.  Silver leaf is rice paper thin and extremely delicate.  We recommend users familiarize themselves with tips and techniques before attempting to apply.

Working with gold leaf and other metal leafs in furniture:

Gold, silver, copper and aluminum leaf allow you to create a gilded or metallic surface on wood and metal and other surfaces. There are several specialty products that must be purchased to refinish a piece of furniture with gold leaf. Although it takes practice to apply any metal leaf and burnish it properly, it is possible to become extremely proficient in the process inside of a single refinishing project. Below are our best practices when approaching working with metal leaf such as Slofoodgroup brand gold or silver leaf.

Prepare work surface: Cover working surfaces and floor areas with drop cloths or newspaper. Use low-tack painters tape to mask any areas you do not want to be gilded. Lightly sand the surface the area if necessary with 220 grit sandpaper to remove any blemishes.

Prime the surface: Remove sanding dust with a tack cloth and apply a quality primer. Primer-sealers have been specially formulated for gilding processes and are available in 3 color tones – Red, Grey and Ochre. For Genuine Silver and White metals, we recommend the Gray Sealer. Using a high-quality sealer produces a high quality, smooth surface for gilding. Ochre, red or grey can produce fault hiding bases or color enhancing undertones. Choose the sealer that is best for your project.

Apply the base color, some oil based products can act as both a primer and under color. When using the sealer, it is generally not necessary to apply an additional paint color over the primer sealer but users can experiment as desired.

Apply adhesive ‘size’. Size refers to the adhesive used to adhere the leaf to a surface. For most common gilding practices, there is a choice of sizing available, water-based or oil-based. Apply carefully and evenly, working the size to an even film as much as possible.


Have fun with and send us your results, we would love to hear from you.

For applying Gold to food surfaces
To apply gold leaf as a decoration on candies or chocolates, cut away the desired portion of gold or silver leaf with your paring knife or a sharp razor. You can use the brush to anchor the leaf down in an opposite corner, so that the cutting motion does not tear the entire leaf.

Next, delicately pick up the piece of metal leaf using the tip of the knife or razor. Metal leaf easily attaches to almost any surface, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get it to stick to the tip of your blade. Carefully transfer it over the surface you want to decorate.

Lay the metal leaf on the on the desired surface, and use the brush to push it down and get it to attach to the candy, chocolate or whatever creation you so desire and detach from the blade. Now sit back and admire a job well and thank you for choosing Slofoodgroup brand of products.

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 8 x 0.03 cm; 5.2 Grams
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ Oct. 15 2016
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Slofoodgroup
Place of Business ‏ : ‎ Sarasota, Fl 34240,US
Item model number ‏ : ‎ 4336855696

24 karat Gold sheet, Gold Sheets for dessert decoration or gilding, Gold Leaf, Edible Gold
Edible Gold great for finishing arts and crafts, pastries and desserts, furniture restoration projects
24 karat edible gold leaf genuine gold, pure gold for metal and craft work
Our Gold Leaf 24 kart purity and certified edible, Gold leaf analysis availible buy gold leaf with confidence by purchasing directly from our store and brand of products via Slofoodgroup LLC

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